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Basic Instructions:
Spread Aqua-Buff 2000 Compound, with a brush or cloth, onto the surface to be compounded, several square feet at a time, and mist the surface with water. Immediately machine buff with a clean, lambs wool-tyle pad at 2500 rpm or higher. Should the compound become dry while being buffed, re-wet the surface by misting with water. Repeat the process to eliminate scratches on exceptionally hard surfaces.

Product Data Sheets
Aqua-Buff SDS
Aqua-Buff Product Data
Aqua Buff 2000
Fast-Cut Polishing Compound
Aqua-Buff 2000 is a water-based compound, formulated to remove fine sanding scratches(800-grit or higher) or swirls marks and bring the surface to a high-gloss finish. Use on gelcoat, acrylic or primer surfaces, including plugs, mold and finished products. It polishes these surfaces to a bright, clean finish. Use Aqua-Buff 2000 to put a great finish on boats, molds or other gelcoated surfaces.

Available in 7 different sizes
4ounce, 1 pint, 1 quart, 1 gallon, 2 gallons, 5 gallons, 55gal drum
Sizes Pint through 5gallons come packed in squeeze bottle style containers with spout lids, for easier dispensing onto your working surface

Cat No.
4ounce Trial Jar
Pint Bottle (16oz)
Quart Bottle (32oz)
Gallon Jug (128oz)
Two Gallon Jugs
Five Gallon Jugs
55 Gallon Drum

Safety Data Sheets
Finesse-It-II SDS
3M Finesse-It II Finishing Material

Finesse-It II is used to remove micro-fine sanding scratches (upto 1500 grit). Removes swirl marks after compounding. Produces a high-gloss wet look finish on fiberglass, gelcoat and marine and automotive painted surfaces. Works very well on gelcoat.

This product, when used by a skilled polisher, can also achieve a glossy finish on epoxy. Please test thoroughly before using on epoxy. Epoxy is a soft plastic and polishing at too high a speed will smear this type of plastic.

Available in 3 different sizes
1 pint, 1 quart, and 1 gallon,
Cat No.
Pint (16oz)
not available
Quart (32oz)
$55.00 (In Stock)
Gallon (128oz)
not available